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BTConnect Email hacked


My BTConnect email has been hacked and I am now receiving 100s of messages:

"Your message couldn't be delivered because you weren't recognized as a valid sender. The most common reason for this is that your email address is suspected of sending spam and it's no longer allowed to send email. Contact your email admin for assistance."

I can receive emails but can send out emails.  How do I get hold of BT to get assistance?



Hi NickyGilmour


In this case where you suspect your account was compromised, we not only recommend you change your passwords but also to scan your devices that have been logged into the email with anti-virus and anti-malware software to be certain it will not be compromised again. This is to avoid your account getting fully blocked as a suspected spam account by Microsoft.


If you've done these steps and it's still blocked, can you please PM me your email address and I can look into this for you



Dear Beth


I have sent you a separate message but probably should have replied to this message.  My email account is now frozen, so I have not been able to change my password.  Please can you help unfreeze and re-set the password.

Many thanks



Answering here publicly so hopefully if anyone comes looking for help with the same issue, they find this


If your btconnect email has been flagged as a 'bad sender' by Microsoft (you'll be getting bounce backs when trying to send emails with an error like the one mentioned above) this is something we can help with but we recommend you take these steps immediately as they need done prior to us getting the emails unblocked:

  • Run an anti-virus scan on all devices used to access the email account in question
  • Run an anti-malware scan on all devices used to access the email account in question
  • Change your email account password

Once all these steps have been done, try sending a message again. If you're still getting a bounce back, get in touch and we can help



First you need to run an anti-virus scan on all of the devices you use to access your email. It's important to do this before changing your password. You'll then need to log in at email to change your password and follow the security advice offered.

Power User

To secure your account, you need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: check that your computer isn't compromised
Make sure that you have Windows Update turned on (Windows users only).
If you haven’t installed antivirus software on your computer, we recommend that you install one immediately. You should then run a scan to make sure no malicious software is has been installed. Microsoft offer free anti-malware or antivirus software on their website.
Step 2: ensure the attacker can't log on to your email account
Change your password immediately.
Don't reuse any recent passwords or use anything it's easy to guess.
Change your security question and answer immediately.
Step 3: take these additional precautionary steps
Check your sent items. If you don't recognise any of your sent items, you may have to inform people on your contacts list that your account was compromised. The attacker may have asked them for money, or may have sent them a virus to also hijack their computers.
Any other service that used this account as its alternative email account may have been compromised. First, perform these steps for your Office 365 subscription, and then perform these steps for your other accounts.
Check your reply and forwarding addresses haven’t been changed or deleted. When accounts are compromised, attackers can set up auto-forwarding to divert your emails to alternative addresses. Office 365 users can check their forwarding options by logging into the Office portal and following these steps:
Log in to portal office 365
Click on Outlook
Go to settings (top right cog)
Scroll down and click on Mail
Under accounts, click on forwarding option
Check any forwarding addresses are correct, remove unrecognised addresses or stop forwarding altogether
Click save

Once you've completed these steps, your account should be secured.



Rachel Gomez