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BTconnect legacy email addresses


Both myself and my wife use these as our primary e-mail address which are left over from when we had a business account. Although I can log in to the accounts using e-mail address and password I can't get access to Office 365 e-mail it says the password is invalid. It does allow me to reset the password which then which allows me back into the BT account but still can't access webmail. Please help. We do forward all email to gmail accounts and forwarding still working but can't send through BTconnect smtp servers anymore. Terrified we will lose access to everything sent to our btconnect addresses.



Hi desktopgenie,


I'm sorry to hear this. Please can you send me a PM with details of the email addresses in question please?






I am having the same problem with my account.   We have a legacy BT Business account (web and domain hosting).  All our emails use our domain and have suddenly stopped working.   Our accounts appear to have been consolidated into a BT Consumer/Retail account and I can no longer log in to our BT Business account so cannot check passwords or forwarding.  BT Retail web chat tells us to contact BT Business.   BT Business web chat tells us we don't have a business account, don't recognise our domain or account so can't help and to contact BT Retail.  We have owned this domain and associated email addresses since 2001 and have used them successfully until early this week.  I have checked the registration of our domain on ICANN lookup and it appears to be valid until Sept 2023.  We recently had an email from BT saying that POP emails were being closed down and that we should change to IMAP but I cannot do this with our domain emails, the setup pages do not recognise our long-standing address or password.   We cannot now access any of our domain emails using either a web login or MS Outlook desktop client.   Please can someone help us get to the bottom of our problem?

This is now being sorted via a separate community message