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Finding domain account




We have just taken ownership of a church website and with that a bunch of BT account information. We can log onto the account and can view various bits but not the domain name.

I have checked and the domain name is definitely registered by BT and I am pretty sure it is not part of any of the accounts I can access.

I am looking for how to best proceed. Ideally I would like to track down the account and then I can find those details (if we have them).

Or if possible prove that we are the maintainers of the website/church and thus get access to our domain name.


Much appreciated,





Hi Phil,


Please can you send me a private message by heading to my profile and hitting "Send a Message"? If you could include some of the BT account information you have, I'll pass this onto our high-level tech team to see if they can track down the domain name and associated account.





Grand Master


Type CMD



wmic computersystem get domain

 press enter

Thank you for your response.


Unfortunately I am talking about domain name as in DNS records etc rather than a windows domain.

Grand Master

I apologise.  Can you access any emails from the previous administration?  Surely the domain would get a mention?  Can you divulge the name of the church?  I could trawl through Google results to find a domain name...

Grand Master

Have you tried prayer?  😁

I can access various BT accounts however none of them actually own the domain name. SamG is kindly investigating this for me.


Unfortunately the members of the church are not that well versed in how these things actually work. Provided the website is up and they can make posts everyone is happy. The moment details are required no one actually knows.


I have done a WHOIS etc and am sure the domain is owned by Inc which is a trades under the name BT here in the UK.


I don't want to divulge the church name mainly because I'm a member of the church trying to track down an account which isn't mine. This tends to start becoming a murky area as account information is private.

Grand Master

I totally understand.  I hope you get it all sorted soon.