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Business Hosted BT Email POP issue.


We have a package with BT which we’ve had for probably around 20 years for our website hosting & email, we also bought the domain through BT before the likes of godaddy etc..


The business relies on a client based email, and no way can we use the desktop version for our business.  

We only found out today about this when our email client failed to load on various devices & computers.
 I see people talking about migration, but not sure if these people have their domain & hosting package registered with BT - Will BT release our domain to us to allow us to migrate our email account to a service allowing the upgraded email settings that are required.


Would appreciate any help as pretty stressed about this right now especially after seemingly not getting the heads up!!



Also, I'm trying to message Vicky but unfortunately without sending any messages I'm getting the error that I can't send you a message.


Hi RossGTI,


Thanks for your post and I'm sorry to hear about the impact the POP issue is having on your business.


There is guidance on removing your domain from BT's Office 365 to go with a new provider here: How do I move my mailbox from BT Business to another provider? | BT Business 




Hi Sam, I've sent you a message.

BT Email: I can't send or receive email
  1. Using webmail? Log out of your email account then log back in again. It sounds simple, but it really does work
  2. Using an email program? If you're having problems, try logging in to webmail. Send yourself a test email. ...
  3. Other tips: Check that email addresses are typed correctly.