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Business Lite | POP3 / IMAP Switch Off


Hi folks,

I have a client who subscribes to the 'Business Lite' email package. Since the end of Jan, it appears the POP3/IMAP link with Outlook has ceased, with the only alternative being the Outlook OWA Web Portal.


The issue is, the client cannot export / extract emails from OWA (Except down loading 1 email at a time).


Is there any known solution to extracting from OWA?



sorry, typed in wrong box


I too can't see how to save old e-mails using the Outlook OWA interface which is the only practical way now to manage btconnect e-mails (leaving aside smart phone access via an app) since they stopped IMAP/POP access.
The "Export Mailbox" option is missing from Settings -> General -> "Privacy and Data". And it's correct that only one e-mail at a time can be saved as an .EML file. As soon as more than one is selected, the "Save as" option vanishes.

Part of the problem is the storage limit of 1GB meaning a client of mine will hit this limit shortly.

It seems to me to be ridiculous that the only way to get under the limit is to delete old e-mails without the ability to save or export them, in bulk, somewhere first. I’ve seen mention of paying to upgrade to a paid-for Microsoft licence but without any detail as to how to do this for a btconnect address even assuming the cost is not prohibitive.

Can anyone from BT comment on this state of affairs and suggest how to deal with this problem?


Hi Shaun1


Our Enhanced IT Support team can assist with migrating the emails from your BTconnect to a domain email hosted by Office 365. If you send over some account details to me via private message, I can arrange for them to give you a call to discuss all the options directly?