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Discontinuation of email client apps using Basic Authentication



I am a BT Business customer with Business email lite.  I have received an email from BT stating their intention of discontinuing support of email client apps using Basic Authentication.


To me that means the Microsoft Outlook app that uses POP and SMTP secured via TLS will no longer work. As a business customer I have been given three weeks to establish an alternative.


I would like  confirmation of the following:

  1. BT really are discontinue support for the use of email client apps using Basic Authentication?
  2. Are there any alternatives for email client apps to communicate via another secure supported means?
  3. Is there a web mail alternative available so I can continue to use my at email address?
  4. If so, where are the instructions to allow web mail access?
  5. Is the threat of cessation of email and three weeks to potentially change my business email address to an alternative provider reasonable?




Hi Localhost,


Thanks for your post.


BT are discontinuing support for email clients using basic authentication as this is being disabled by Microsoft meaning these clients will not continue to work.


The btconnect email service is becoming Outlook Web Access (OWA) – meaning that it will be accessible via:

A web browser (
The My Account page on
Mobile Outlook App on Phones and Tablets


There is some more information on the changes here, including how to disable your outdated email client: The security of email is being improved | BT Business


There is also further information on the changes on the Microsoft website: Deprecation of Basic authentication in Exchange Online | Microsoft Learn






I'm lost.  The email sent is totally confusing and doesn't answer the following very, very simple questions:

1.  Will I still be able to use Outlook?  

2.  If not, what software can I use to manage emails on my desktop in the way Outlook does now?






You may already know the answer to this but from my extremely recent experience (basic authentication was turned off for me yesterday) there are no supported email clients/desktop software that supports accessing and managing your emails as you have previously if (and I think this is a key factor) you have been using the basic email service (Business Email Lite). Using the Outlook mobile app I can access my emails on my phone but this is of limited value when the bulk of received emails are sat on a piece of software that no longer receives. I have also tried Thunderbird and Outlook on pc and no joy.


On another post it was suggested that GMail can access btconnect email


If BT hosts your domain or you are an otherwise paying customer then it may be possible to migrate or continue accessing your email as you did previously via Ofice 365