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Don't know what to do next


Please can someone help. I have spoken to 4 BT advisers in different sections and no one knows the answer. The last person tried very hard but failed and told me to contact Microsoft but they won't help as its a BT account. My brother died 2 years ago. He had a business Microsoft 365 account, paid through BT. After he died, I took over the admin account. I have been logged out of my account and, when I try to log in, it is doing MFA but to his disconnected phone number. The account is in my name, MFA isn't enabled and only my phone number is on the account and no one knows how his old number is being picked up or why it is doing MFA. I have now had several days not being able to get my emails. I don't know what to do now. I know that BT look at these messages. This is very distressing. My brother died unexpectedly and to have to keep talking about his phone number is not pleasant. I am not expecting the community to have an answer but BT must be able to help.



Hi jandsburt


I'm sorry you've not been able to get access. Can you please send me a private message with the details so I can look into this for you?