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Email forwarding help please


Very very frustrated with BT this week - can anyone help me please? Problems all started with Microsoft switching off basic authentication (already well documented in other posts on here)... well, it doesn't work for my company to use a web-based email system (which is what we have been relegated to doing) so in order to keep going with the desktop-version of Outlook I was told by BT I have to buy licences for  Microsoft 365. Fine. But I now can't use this new licence until June at the earliest which is when the BT 'experts' will contact me for a consultation to migrate to the new system.  So in the meantime I tried to set up email forwarding to a new address (externally hosted, different  domain) I've set up that I can use with Outlook on desktop. This is where I've hit another snag - forwarded emails from my BT-hosted domain email addresses are bouncing back with the error attribution 'the organisation doesn't support external forwarding' (or words to that effect). I have spent many hours over the past week talking to BT agents over this weeks myriad of issues, who, if they can't/don't want to help, just cut you off... culminating this morning with the agent who decided I was getting my business address wrong and refused to even look at my account. Can anyone help me with a quick fix for the email forwarding issue please? 



Hi @JennyBlue,


I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you're having with email forwarding.


There is a known issue which has been addressed previously here:


Solved: Business lite email forwarding. - BT Business Community


Please click on my name and hit send a message and I can pick this up from there and see what we can do to resolve this.