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We have been using Outlook on our PC to download emails from and have sucessfully done so for at least 14 plus years that we  have been with BT.


It appears that POP emails now do not work with Outlook (any desktop version). Obviously webmail works over internet or on phone, but functionality is very poor in office for our requirments (speed, printing,  etc etc)


I phoned BT business helpdesk.  it was a known problem as Outlook has amended their security.


Naturally we were not informed before by either post or email & the person Hannah couldn't demonstrate that an email had been sent (supposedly in October).


It would cost me £149 to correct per user (only 2 of us so not a massive problem) and I have just read a text to me that a BT Pro Setup consultation has been setup for 13th April 2023. 

This is ridiculous.  More than 3 months away. Simply can't muddle through until then


It must surely be possible for BT to solve this issue sooner than 3 months.


There is no online guide provided by BT to even attempt do do it ourselves.

The only suggestion was to subcribe to Microsoft Office Business standard. While this is not a problem, it would appear I can't even do this myself from my BT account.


The only alternative solution (I guess) would be to migrate to another domain & email host but this is hardly an ideal solution


Please can anyone help



Hi kent66,


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're having with Outlook and POP emails.


Please can you send me a DM with some of your account information by heading to my profile and hitting "Send a Message"? 






thank you Sam - I have sent you a DM


Hi Kent and Sam, we have exactly the same issue... and despite also being advised that we were sent an emailin October we cannot find any such email. To even think that a change of this magnitude only required one email is also a joke.  We like many others are now being left to fend for ourselves. The preparation of BT for this is terrible. We just need help setting this up ourselves as we can't realistically work like this for more than 2 months. We feel completely let down by BT on this, the telephone staff have tried to be helpful but seem limited in the options they can offer. This is causing major disruption to our business and I feel much more help could be offered. We just need help.


Hi Sam,
Experiencing the exact same issue.  No email received in October (I have checked a back-up laptop to be sure).
To log in on a browser is manageable as a temporary solution for now, but far from ideal to work efficiently and without disruption in the long term.
Is BT going to update and fix the issue, or is there a solution already?
I want to avoid moving to another domain/email provider, and just need some help with this.


After the past few weeks back and forth with BT, I have established this - 

To get the Exchange licence for each domain email address it will cost £4.50 per month per user

They all have to be upgraded to new licence

BT can do the migration for you at a cost of £149 per 5 users (we have 7 so would be looking at just under £300)

I asked to go ahead and recieved the email with the date - 1st June.  That changed from start of March when I first contacted about it on 16th Jan to end of March on Tuesday afternoon and 1st June by Friday morning.  There are thousands that need to do the same.

I too got told an email was sent out about Sept 2022, I did not get this.  The adviser on chat told me that it could be due to email preferences, I argued that this was a bit more important than the spam marketing they send!

Last thing I also have learned is that I can do all of this myself.  I was sent a guide by BT, I don't have a great deal of IT knowledge, but enough to get by with.  I took my time to go through all the steps and familiarise myself with what I will need to do and am hoping for it to all go smoothly when I attempt it next week.

I'd prefer BT to do it for me, but I cna't wait til 1st June!


Have I understood this correctly? 

Is it possible to migrate without delay? 

We only need licence for two users, with personal domain email address. 

What package to buy? 

Power User

Connect your domain to Office 365

Sign in to Microsoft 365, and under Apps, choose Admin.
In the admin center, choose Go to setup.
On the Connect your domain page, select I'll manage my own DNS records. 
Choose Next.



Rachel Gomez


Like others I have had no notification of the Microsoft changes, here are some thoughts


1) BT will have a product manager who's role would be to mange this product and the BT partner...what happened!. Along with this also means effective communication with the end users, BT know who the users are by the billing system which means timely notification could have been provided directly via the customer portal. At this level there has been a fundamental failure in communication of these changes. But if course this could also be symptomatic of the cuts to staff BT have made of the past few years


2) BT is a trusted provider and not an insignificant player within the communications field, this web hosting lite product was originally designed for small business and to keep costs low.  


3) The notion of 'only' £4.50 per month per email to allow connection to a client mail, does not work on top of the other costs for a 'lite' product, what is the BT Product manager prepared to do? rather than hide behind customer services they should be on this forum explaining and debating what is needed.


4) Microsoft appears to be using a monopolistic stance and the excuse of security to raise massively more revenue and highlights the issues of placing everything in the cloud. 


This post will read as coming from an annoyed customer but there are some fundamentals that have been missed and it's the end user being asked to pay more for the same service.