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I have Desktop Email Server issue




I am New here but not new in this. My Outlook on my PC will no longer connect to the server and I understand this is an issue with Micro no longer supporting Domain names. My domain name is rented through BT and I understand I have to buy two Exchange licences through BT as we have two e mail addresses, in order to migrate the e mail account to another server. BT have told me they can't do anything to assist with the migration until June due to backlog of cases. If I buy the licences, can I get an IT specialist to do it? Is there somewhere to go to get the information on how to do this? If I buy the licences from Microsoft as they are cheaper, can I still do the migration? I can access the e mails via the web but I need them to download to my computer. 


Any help will be Appreciated.



In the meanwhile, you can go into rules in Outlook and forward your emails to another email address.