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IMAP settings for email addresses




Can someone tell me if it is possible to setup email addresses up using IMAP and what the settings are? Currently I can only get it working via POP3?


Kind regards



BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Trevor


Hope you are well! We would only support the btconnect emails to work via POP3, and not IMAP. My apologies about that - we do have an Office 365 Business Essentials service that lets you use Exchange accounts, but you would only be able to utilise that with a domain email address.




Power User


Currently I can only get it working via POP3?


Kind regards



Yes that is all you get.  you can check it by going to your account at this link:





Enter your full eMail address like: and password


then under options/Settings you'll see something like this:


POP Setting:
Server name:
Port: 995
Encryption method: TLS

IMAP setting:
Access disabled

Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method: STARTTLS




Good luck.





I a have bt connect account which is currenlty working on a POP3 server.

I would like to change to IMAP so I can view emails on my iphone when I am away but still see them on my Mac lap top when I am back in the office.

There seems to be some confusion if BT support IMAP.

Could some one help please.




Hi Stevens,


as confirmed above email address with the domain of don't currently support IMAP connections and there is currently no plans which we are aware of to change this,






Been using for a while now but only via the web portal (
microsoft 365 account) 


So I have now purchaed office 2016.

Are you telling us that there is no way for anyone to sync their existing folder structure to any new email client if they have been using the portal only ?


I can add a pop 3 but as we know pop 3 does not sync sent items, deleted items, junk or any subfolders.

Is there any support team I can send a request in to export my data so I can actually use it the way I want to or am I  now trapped forever having to use btconnect online services ?


Cant ever remember being informed about this when we signed up, that you must setup a local email client or else you may not be able to have access to all your email account info if you want to change the way you access your emails. But I am sure you can point me in the right directions where it states this please.


I have read the BT instructions to move my emails to another provider from BT and that is fine if you have already have outlook synced up. Can you provide instructions on how to move to another provider if online only please just in case?



Grand Guru

Hi there, here's an extract from another post I made last week. Someone had the same question.


If you only use webmail and have a folder structure built in that then it is still possible to download the structure but it's a manual process and extremely wrist intensive.


You will need Outlook. 


We'll call Outlook on the computer the Outlook app and Outlook on the web we'll call Outlook Webmail.


Setup the account How to set up Office 365 email | BT Business in the Outlook App


Wait until the inbox has downloaded. Create a folder in outlook, call it inbox backup and drag the contents of the inbox to it, inbox in the Outlook App should now be empty.


Now log into Outlook webmail


Delete the contents of your inbox by right-clicking the inbox folder and emptying it, you have it all in the Outlook  App now anyway.


Now you can move onto downloading Outlook webmail folders. Go into your first webmail folder and drag all of the emails into the webmail inbox. You may need to drag it in portions


Once it is all in the webmail Inbox you can go back to the outlook App and send/receive again. This will download all the email from the folder you just moved to the Outlook App inbox.


Wait until it is finished and create a folder in the Outlook App to whatever it was called on the webmail and drag it from the inbox to that folder.


Now go back to the webmail and empty the inbox again.


Do this for all your folders. Downloading through the inbox and rebuilding the folder structure in outlook.


Once you have all you need you can do what you want with the Outlook App PST, import to an exchange if you want.



You can connect to your mailbox using either the POP3 or IMAP protocols. As a rule of thumb it is better to use POP3 if only one computer accesses your mailbox, while it is better to use IMAP if you have a number of computers that will access your mailbox and you can check the steps afterv doing that. 













Grand Guru

BTConnect doesn't support IMAP


For some reason Outlook on my Mac wont now connect to my btconnect email account.  I've got the account accepted but it returns "Server unavailable 21"


I've had a small breakthrough as just this evening Outlook on my I-Phone has successfully now picked up my btconect account.  It is quite happy with it as an Office 365 account.  Yippee!


However when I try to set the account up under Outlook (for Mac) on my I-Mac it refuses to acknowledge it as an Office 365 account.


Any help greatly appreciaited - driving me nuts!