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Merging two business broadband accounts to retain btconnect email addresses?


Here's the scenario for our two separate physical business locations (same company):


Site 1 has had a BT business broadband account for many years and four btconnect email addresses associated with it that are in current use. 


Site 2 has a new BT business broadband line and and a BT One phone system installed. 


Currently both sites have separate billing accounts (both in the same company name). In the next few months we want to close site 1 but still retain our btconnect addresses. Is merging both accounts the best way to achieve this and if so how do we go about it?





Hi @deebus ,


When we close down the broadband that has the btconnect email address associated to it, we can not retain those email address any longer. We do not have the facility to move them from one broadband to another.

If you want to put both sites onto one billing account we can do this but it will not impact the loss of the btconnect email address. If you would like assistance with this please send me over a private message.


Thank you