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Mulitple spammed emails appearing also in Sent items


I am having serious spam attacks.  I've had over 17,000 emails in the last 2 days.  I've blocked them so they now go to Junk (which I have to then delete) but also they all also go into Sent items.    They do not show on my email client (Outlook) or on the phone app but they show up on the web mail.  As fast as I delete them more reappear.  I can’t block the sent spams to junk or auto delete them.


How do we stop these permanently?


Grand Master

You must change your email password and run a good antivirus programme.  Do you have an anti-virus programme installed?  Which one?


Log into the BTB portal here

Then 'Manage Email Accounts'

Then 'Business Email' or 'Business Email Lite'

In the middle of the page is 'Change Password'

Power User

The reason there are duplicates in the Sent Items folder for some email providers is that the server automatically creates an item in the Sent Items and Outlook uploads the same item again. For the Reading/Unread status of an email, Outlook relies on the server. If the status from the server is unread Outlook sets it accordingly.