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Office365 Premium Mail Issue?


I had/have BT Business Lite/Domain and have recently ( 4 days ago ) added Office 365 Premium to my account - I was told by BT to disable both my current emails and to re activated after a given period.


This has worked for the main email address that I have for the account - but the second email address I cannot neither - reactivate (told that I need to add another license ) or add as an an alias to the main address.


As the second email is my named one and has been used by business colleagues I do not want to lose it - but no one seems to be able to give me advise on what if how to rectify this - FYI I have waited 4 days to see if this would somehow update.


Microsoft advise that the issue should be directed to BT


Any advice would be well received even if only who is best to contact on this.




BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Trevor


Hope you are well. Very sorry you are having these issues.


If I'm being honest, you would be best speaking to our Enhanced IT Support team. They are available on 0800 500 247 and they are the people that would deal with O365 Premium. They will have the best view of your account and be the best people to advise on the current status of the email and how to get that finally reactivated.


They are a chargeable service, but in most cases if you have O365 you will also have a package with us that comes with their support free (they will advise you on this before they take the call).


They should be able to help you get that sorted.


All the best with this one!





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