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Site hosting speed


We have had our site with BT for over 10 years. Our developer switched it from basic Wordpress to Divi Builder around 2 years ago, and it looks great. But recently it has become very slow - saving a post can take up to a minute, and the autosave function when writing a post literally causes the site to stop for 10 seconds each time it happens. Our developer says this is due to BT hosting speeds and wants us to move to another host.  Is this right?


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Paul


Hope you are well. If this was always slow, I would suggest that maybe it was the hosting package. If you are on the basic webhosting package sometimes it can take a few seconds to respond. However, as it is a recent thing I would likely suggest contacting our livechat team here - they can take a look for you and make sure there are no faults with the service. If it is just a limitation of the service them moving to another host may be the only other option.


We are currently in the process of moving to a new supplier for our webhosting, and as such we cannot place any new orders or upgrades for webhosting just now. So until that comes in down the line, if a new host is what is best for you and your business, then that would be the recommendation. Hopefully it is just a simple fault though and our technical team can get that sorted for you!