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USO 4G Hub Specification




BT are starting to roll out the Universal Service Obligation and in my location I'm being offered a 4G broadband service. When I enquired about the service, in particular the specification of the 4G hub, no detailes were able to be provided. I was advised that I would have 14 days to cancel the contract if for any reason the hub was no good.

This seems a strange way to do business, waste BT's and my time.

Does anyone know where I can get a spec for the 4G hub being offered.

As a start I would like to know if i can connect an external aerial and wether there are any, or how many ethernet ports it has, or is it only Wi-Fi?

If anybody can help I'd certainly appreciate it.




BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi trickywiki


If you are referring to our 4G minihubs then you would be best speaking to our mobile team directly (I assume you have spoke to the sales team already by the sounds of things). The mobile team deal with these hubs on a daily basis so would be the best people to advise. They are currently only available on WhatsApp via 07376165207 or on this link:


I hope that they will be able to provide any info that you require!