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Unable to change passwords with via


We have had so many issues with BT's business email we are pulling our hair out.


We have tried to call BT businessness support 3 times. not got answers. It appears the recent changes in BT business email platform has created problems compounded by the fact that there is little documentation.


On our Windows 10 PCs we are accessing email satisfactorilty via the , however not working properly on the android smartphone, but I'll come to that later.


The current issue is that we want to change pur email password because our BTconnect  email was hacked..


1. If you go into the BT business website it rejects our email/password, saying erroneously we have tried too many times wait for 20 minutes - this is an error as this occurs on the first attempt.  Obviuosly if using the Office365 portal we appear unable to change passwords  this way, BT support doesn't appear aware of this.


2.Try to change the password while in th email portal (clicking on name icon top right, then view account) appears to take you into the Microsoft portal, which has different passwords.




On a different issue we have set up email on our android (11) phone in the normal way, but no sent folder.  It was suggested by BT support to use exchange settings, but this just falls over.




Can one had success in resolving sililar issues?





Hi robmar0se,


Sorry to hear you've had so many issues with the emails.


The correct website to access your emails via is The password for this should be the same as the password to log into your BT Business account. Any password change needs to be done via the BT Business account - resetting directly on Outlook won't work. If you have tried this and are still having issues then we will need to check further into where it's going wrong - I can have a look if you can privately message me some account details.


In regards to the sent folder on the Android phone, as BTconnect emails are set up via POP3 it doesn't sync sent folders - this is a limitation due to how POP3 accounts work on Microsoft. You would need an Exchange account from Microsoft for this functionaliy which BT Business does offer here starting from £3.80/mo for Microsoft 365 Business Basic. If that's something you are interested in, let me know.




Power User

To change your password for your email address, go to You then enter your email address into the box provided and click "I've forgotten my password" this will take you through the reset journey.