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btconnect sub account password change


Can anyone help please - I seem to be stuck in a loop.

We have lost the password to one of our btconnect subaccounts. I'm trying to log in to my main account to change it, but get the message 

Sorry, it looks like you’ve logged in using your online billing details.
To manage your domains, email, and web hosting; to check your broadband usage, view products that you’ve bought, and to edit your account settings, you’ll need to log out and then log in again with the username and password that we gave you when you bought your broadband or other services.
If you don’t know them, just use the forgotten username and password links.


But when I follow the link and reset my password (easy, done it 3 times now) I just end up back in the same place. Using the new password gives the same result.

How do I get out of this loop please?


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi mmul


Hope you are well!


Sorry to hear you are having these issues. In regards to this one, to reset the password on your subaccount you would need to do the forgotton password journey on that specific email, rather than on the main btconnect account. If this is still acting up you can contact our tech team on 0800 800 154 or via livechat here - and they can help you reset that. 🙂