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cannot access my Btconnect email account. Been locked out


went to send an email last friday (13th) and was told to fill in my log in details.

This applied to all items under the BT group, my cloud answer machine, wireless access app, BT business app

and my BT email.

i have managed to reconnect to everything apart from my Email.

Microsoft have locked me out and keep sending confirmation codes to the account i cannot access.

For some reason i have 2 access points for my email.

1 is my email where i can send and receive and another just fills up with emails from microsoft

telling me it cannot access my gmail account and i need to update my login for it.




Hi GSMann


To change your password for your email address, go to You then enter your email address into the box provided and click "I've forgotten my password" this will take you through the reset journey.


If this doesn't work. Please send me a private message and I can look into this further.