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Are BT WiFi hotspots any good?


I'm going to be traveling to London for several months and working remotely some of that time. I found a short let in Notting Hill that looks great except that the landlord said the WiFi in the flat can be spotty. He recommended using the BT WiFi in the area, which I see you can purchase access to for £39/month.

Has anyone actually used BT WiFi to do remote work? How reliable is it? I will need to be on video conferences frequently.

What about public WiFi or free WiFi at cafes? Can you actually get serious work done or is it (like the public WiFi in my home town) basically useless for anything besides checking email and casual browsing?



It's not secure.  Why not use your phone to create a wifi hotspot?  Smarty have good deals on SIM cards.  Unlimited data and free cals and texts for £18 a month and cheaper if you can accepts a data limit.