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have been told today BT no longer support apple Mac or offer help ?


Spent the morning on chat help got cut off 3 times then finally get through to be told BT no longer offer Mac support. Can someone offer some help with our emails. We have many Mac computers in our business and all stopped receiving (office365) emails last week none of the Microsoft apps will receive emails or Mac mail from an apple device. Our emails all work if we use a browser. We have not had any warning of this from BT. 



Hi @Dpiuk1 ,


Thanks for reaching out to us.


I'm sorry that you were told we no longer offer Mac Support as we do still offer this service.


It sounds like the issue you're describing is linked to the changes Microsoft have made in turning off the ability to get emails via apps like outlook / mac mail. 


We sent out correspondence in September to make customers aware of the changes that were due to happen, so I'm really sorry if you didn't receive this. 


Our technical team can offer a solution for this and you can contact them on 0800 085 0251 to get more information, pricing and help with this. This is the same number you can call for any Mac Support you need.


I hope this helps!






Your support is calling me back on 31st March to discuss - I have the text if you wish to see this- 3 month wait for a phone call  is very poor business