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legacy btconnect account


I had a BTConnect account for my business which I closed. The email address however, remained active and I had a forwarding rule which forwarded any emails to my personal BTInternet mail account. I now am getting BTConnect messages (from Microsoft exchange) saying my mailbox is full and therefore the BTConnect account will no longer forward any emails to my personal account. I cannot access the BTConnect account or reset the password etc.... any clues as to what process I could undertake to access the BTConnect email account to purge the mail and restart the forwarding rule....?


Grand Master

This is why you should use an email account separate from your ISP.  I have legacy address but I have to pay £25 a year to keep it active.  BT had that option but it might be too late for you.  A mod will probably advise you tomorrow as they are not always here at weekends.


Hi paaudioservices,


If you no longer have an active business broadband service with us, the associated BT Connect email should no longer be active. I'm in touch with a colleague to get some more information on the process of recovering these addresses and whether this would still be possible. Can you let me know when you closed your business account please?