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Lost the password for a btconnect email address

My wife still uses her old email, from the time when we had a btconnect service, but she cannot remember the password. It is hard-wired on her computer and therefore she has access to her emails on the Desktop. However she would like to put the emails onto her iPad. How can we get the email password reset? I have tried to log into my account. My account keeps cycling asking me to log into the email acccount, I enter the userid and password and  I get the message "You're not currently logged in to email - to login, click here" If I click on the "click here" link  I get the email login page so I enter the details again and the cycle repeats. All we want to do is reset my wife's password so that she can continue to use her email on a new device.

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Re: Lost the password for a btconnect email address

Hi Paul


Sorry to hear you are having these issues - this could be a glitch more than anything (also worth trying another browser if you haven't already just to rule out a browser issue). If that continues for you I would recommend contacting our livechat team here - they can investigate this for you, help you get any passwords reset and help you resolve that issue!


All the best with this one!




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