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Cloud Voice hunt group voicemail

Hello all, I am hoping someone here can offer me some advice as I am struggling to get voicemail to work the way I want with our new setup.


We have 4 hunt group numbers, that call uniformly around the users.  I want to have each hunt group then forward to it's own voicemail with a distinct greeting if not answered (e.g. "Company Name 1 blah blah").

At the same time I want each individual phone user to have their own voicemail greeting if called directly, so I can't simply forward the hunt group to one of the user voicemails.


So far I tried using Voice Portal to set up the voicemail for the hunt group extension XXX, and then in Cloud Voice Portal setting call forward to *55XXX, but this didn't work.


Is there any way to do this without having an additional user for each hunt group?

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Re: Cloud Voice hunt group voicemail

Hi Ramwell,


I realise you posted this a while ago and hoping you’ve already found the answer you needed, but just in case and for other members who might have the same query.


I have been incontact with the Cloud Voice team, on your behalf, currently it’s not possible tohave a mail box for ta hunt group at the moment  we only have Voicemail assigned to extensions / users.


They are looking at being able to have a mailbox for a hunt group but there is no timescale to when/if it will become available.



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Re: Cloud Voice hunt group voicemail

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Is it still the case that no Voicemail recording can be associated with a Hunt Group? 

We have an incoming hunt group to answer our main reception number that needs to be diverted to voicemail when outside office hours and during the factory shutdown period.

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