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Church phone and broadband


I have received slightly varying answers through chat lines so would approeciate clarification.

Our church currently has a business contract which expired end of September. This is for a line to the vicarage, with an extention to the adjacent church building. The line has been in place for decades but the contract was setup at a time that we didn't have a vicar. The vicar understandably wants to have her own private residential line now that we have the option to not renew the contract. 

So the existing vicarage liine would move over to a residential contract with BT or some other supplier. I have no control over what she chooses.


So -


We need a new line to replace the extension from the vicarage as the alarm system in the church has to be able to call out in the event of activation.

We also want a broadband contract for the church so that we can have WiFi in the church buildings.


I understand that this has to be a business contract and cannot be on a cheaper residentail contract. Is this correct?

Probably wrong forum for the question but - There is a very old (20-25 years old) BT terminal block in the adjacent hall where we want broadband. If the line comes in here can we run an extension 150 feet or so to the vestry, or is that too far, especially as we need to conect a modem for WiFi somewhere?


Thanks for the help.



BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Begadoc


My sincere apologies about the delayed reply - I was on leave and this post must have been missed somehow. To properly answer your question we would really need to the see the account - as it would all depend on the area and what can be done. I would say that may be slightly too far for an extension, but the line could potentially be relocated. If not, a new one could be provisioned. The best people to speak to would be the business to residential team on 0800 800 150 - as they would be the ones who would place the order whichever route you go down.


All the best with this one!