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Connection problems


I booked a business package of landline and broadband, this was supposed to go live 30/6 /23, I received my new equipment and connected, broadband went live as arranged but no landline. I have now spoken to a total of 8 agents to sort this problem, my order has been renewed 4 times, I have been promised that I would be kept up to date with progress by text and email by the agents and that it would take 2-3 working days to connect my business landline, there was NO CONTACT from anyone and no connection. On 4 occasions I have asked to speak to a supervisor, they have always been busy with another call and the agents have all promised me that I will get a call back from the supervisor as soon as they are available, I have never received a call. There have been so many false promises, my business relies on telephone bookings and I have already lost thousands of pounds in revenue, can anyone suggest a solution as I am running out of ideas and patience.



Hi @kbfroberts ,


I'm really sorry to hear this. If you'd like me to look into this for you, please go to my profile and send over a message so I can take further details.






My business is in exactly the same position as you, so 100% sympathise. Going to the Ombudsman will take months to resolve this issue by which time you may go bust. The only avenue left is the media ( who I despise) but I am willing to dance with the media to save the income of 11 people in my business..I recommend you do the same



Hi SalonV,


If I can assist you in anyway with a Business account please direct message me and I can take your account details and help.


Thank you