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Intruder Alarm Setup


Hi All,

I recently had BT Fibre Business Broadband installed, but I was forced to take out a digital phone line.

I have an intruder alarm which I need to connect to the phone line. I have tied connecting the blue/white pair to the middle contacts of an interconnect phone cable, and then connecting this to the green port on the BT Hub. The alarm, once I have cleared the line faults, stays silent for about a half hour, then starts beeping again.

The interconnect cable has wires white, green, blue and red. The cores in the alarm phone cable are blue and white, white and blue. 

I'm just wondering if anyone else has managed to do something similar? 


The guy from Openreach suggested using the green port on the back of the hub, but he also mentioned using a Digital Voice Adapter.

But looking at the description of this product, it says that you don't need an adapter if you can plug your phone directly into the back of the hub. 

What am I doing wrong?

I've been in contact with BT and they say that I need an Analogue to Digital Adapter, which costs £80! I'm not going to shell out that amount of cash, unless I know that it will work.

Any ideas?





I would recommend speaking to your alarm provider. All phone lines across the UK are switching to digital and they should be prepared for this and have the answer you need.


Thank you