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Help trying to port away from BT


Hoping someone here might give me some insight.  We are trying to port out a large group of numbers and have been unable to get an official CSR.  We were provided an export from the GSIP portal by our Account Team to use in lieu of CSR.  This has caused multiple port rejections and is causing this to drag out for months. Can anyone shed some light on what the process would be to get a CSR for our services or which team/department we can reach out to get this accomplished?



Transitioning away from BT (British Telecommunications plc) involves several steps to ensure a smooth migration process. Spectrum TV support number Begin by researching alternative service providers and comparing their offerings. Notify BT of your intention to terminate services and inquire about any contractual obligations or termination fees. Coordinate with the new provider to facilitate the transfer of services and update relevant equipment and configurations accordingly for uninterrupted connectivity.

This isn't the problem and we aren't moving away from BT completely.  I'm just trying to move some of our phone numbers to a 3rd party and am struggling with getting the correct information from BT that I need to do this. 😞 



I am sorry for any issues. If you can privately message me I can take your Business account details and try to assist.


Thank you