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Yealink phone on Cloud Voice Express FTTP line

Power User

We have FTTP, Hub 3 and 3 Yealink phones - reception on the handset units deteriorates over time to the point that there is tremendous crackling on the line - and inability to hear the other party.


Before we had FTTP (we had FTTC) the same issue and the techs said it was the phone hub causing it and to power down for a minute and then restart.


Did that just now and reception is better, but not brilliant. 


Any ideas/experience or this just another undocumented feature for Cloud Voice Express?





The help article for cloud voice express (CVE) can be viewed here I'm having problems with Cloud Voice Express, what can I do? | BT Business

If this does not help then it would be best we speak with the CVE support team directly. Please come back to us if this is required.


Thank you,





It appears that you're encountering reception issues and crackling on your yealink phones connected to a Hub 3 with FTTP. This problem has persisted from your previous setup with FTTC. To troubleshoot ensure all phone connections are secure, minimize nearby interference sources, and check for firmware updates for the Yealink phones. Consider testing with different phone models to isolate the issue.

There is no mechanism I can find for checking/obtaining firmware updates in the phones?    [and we have no other phones to cross-check]


Just re-booting the hub takes the phone units back to a non-crackling state . . . .

Thinking back - when the Yealink phones were first connected they did a self-check and update for the latest soft/firm ware . . . perhaps they do it automatically?