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Frequently asked questions - Phone lines

How do I do proper telephone line checks? Checking the wiring if you’re having issues with your phone can often solve, or help pinpoint the issue. Here’s a link to a help article on how to check your internal phone wiring.   How do I divert calls? Wi...

BethM by Administrator
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Problems with your BT landline?

If you have problems with your BT phoneline, there are a few checks that we recommend you carry out before calling us. These checks can help you resolve your issue, or at the very least help you eliminate any internal wiring problems that could be im...

Z flip4 won't connect to car

Hi my z flip4 will not detect my car, when I plug the USB it will show charging for 3 seconds and then disconnect. Android auto wont detect the car with usb or wireless. I tried 4 different cables including the Samsung official one. My wife's and my ...

No BT Business phone line

Please can someone help .We have had to switch from Plusnet (who were brilliant) to BT for our Broadband and Landline.Broadband connected no problem.Our phone line was supposed to be transferred over on the 18th September, AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME WE S...

Helene1 by Member
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BT, phone lines, broadband wires and what?

Hi all, I’m a Brit, and there’s no nostupidquestions specifically for the UK (as far as I’m aware) - can anyone explain how phone lines and broadband works in the UK because I somehow got it in my head that BT owns the hardware, and all the other com...

achin by Member
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No business phone line after 10 days

Well, after 20 years in business, I never thought BT would be the reason for the collapse of my business. COVID couldn’t kills, lack of employable staff couldn’t deter us, higher taxation, endless new regs and Brexit were just a mere challenge compar...

SalonV by Member
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Intruder Alarm Setup

Hi All,I recently had BT Fibre Business Broadband installed, but I was forced to take out a digital phone line.I have an intruder alarm which I need to connect to the phone line. I have tied connecting the blue/white pair to the middle contacts of an...

VVX 150 phones sometimes do not connect after power down

In our setup, we have a mixture of phones that are permanently powered (VVX 150, and Yealink W70B), and some that get powered down overnight (All VVX 150).  The phones that get power cycled will often not register properly (at least I think that's wh...

evansnp by Member
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2 contracts

Is it possible to have two contracts running with two suppliers from one fibre connection to the building ?

BT Port Request

We’re struggling to get our number transferred to our preferred supplier due to a second request, that has been cancelled, appears to be lingering in BT’s systems.  We have been advised by our new provider that due to a second request being requested...

Can't hear sometimes when making or receiving calls

We moved over to BT late July, and over the past week or two I have had complaints from users saying that when they try and make or receive a call, it will sometimes be silent like you can't hear them. Then, if you call them back or they call you bac...

TSAIT by Member
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