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Frequently asked questions - Phone lines

How do I do proper telephone line checks? Checking the wiring if you’re having issues with your phone can often solve, or help pinpoint the issue. Here’s a link to a help article on how to check your internal phone wiring.   How do I divert calls? Wi...

BethM by Administrator
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Problems with your BT landline?

If you have problems with your BT phoneline, there are a few checks that we recommend you carry out before calling us. These checks can help you resolve your issue, or at the very least help you eliminate any internal wiring problems that could be im...

ORDI Information Incorrect

Good Morning, I need to get the ORDI information updated for an installation as it is currently incorrect. Kind Regards Martin

BT cancelled my business line

BT Cancelled my Business LineBt have randomly cancelled my business line, i only found out as I had customers telling me that they couldnt phone through.I called the faults support team and they told me that an 'interaction' was out through on the 5t...

Stetran by Member
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Church phone and broadband

I have received slightly varying answers through chat lines so would approeciate clarification.Our church currently has a business contract which expired end of September. This is for a line to the vicarage, with an extention to the adjacent church b...

Begadoc by Member
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I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE HIGH LEVEL WHO CAN ACTUALLY HELP ME.I've tried the chat, I've tried the phone and I've tried my manager account Aftab 3 Akram but everytime I contact BT I come with a different account balance, no explanation and BT is produ...

Re wrongly applied termination fees

I just posted this but it seems to have disappeared, so here it is again.  My profile says I have 1 post but it shows as 'no posts'...Here is a short version of my saga...I had two land lines with Featureline and Infinity fibre broadband on one.  In ...

arfinn by Member
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Transferring an emergency line

Hi I need to transfer an account as we have sold a site. However, from what I have read it appears that this isnt an easy process. The issue is that this is an Emergency Line and cannot be disconnected or have a new number. Could an admin provide me ...

Karennj by Member
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Moving Office and Needing New Lines

Hi All We are moving in to a new office and need the following* standard broadband connection* phone line which allows 2 phones to ring at the same time* phone line which allows 2 phones to be used at same time to call different numbersAt the moment ...

Can't Send Fax

Hello We have just installed an analogue fax machine with an ADSL filter. We were able to accept and receive phone calls and we can also receive faxes but for some strange reason we are unable to send faxes. We tested the fax machine at our other off...

Raymo by Member
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Versatility Divert

Can anyone tell me how to divert all incoming calls on my BT Versatility system? I can see how to divert it for a particular extension but I want to be able to divert ALL calls into the system to my mobile as I am moving premises and when old place i...

Cancelling a bt contract

So I have just recently closed my business down and went to cancel my contract. I had renewed the contract a year and a half ago and thought I was on a two year contract. It turns out that it was only the internet that was on a two year contract and ...