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How Do I upgrade my internet speeds???


any1 here know how I can upgrade my internet? I called my internet service provider multiple times this year asking if I can get better speeds in my area... I have 25 down and 5 up now for like 3 years, so I cant rly stream on twitch or I dont get the speeds I want., In april I called them and they said I will get better speeds "very soon" and its been like 6 months, I also get higher ping when other people use the internet and stuff so its kinda important for me, they said I cant get higher speeds unless the line to my house gets upgraded, I live in the west of Ireland and a lot of people around me have faster speeds than me like 150 down and 30 up , which would be perfect for me. can anyone help me?



Hi Ryan, 


your internet speed is limited by the technology at the exchange/DP and the lengh of your line, if the Openreach tracker is currently showing your exchange as under review your on the best speed possible right now, however keep an eye on the tracker as they will upgrade you at some point to Fibre