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No BT Business phone line


Please can someone help .

We have had to switch from Plusnet (who were brilliant) to BT for our Broadband and Landline.

Broadband connected no problem.

Our phone line was supposed to be transferred over on the 18th September, AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME WE STILL HAVE NO LANDLINE.

We are a garage and MOT testing centre so ALL of our work comes via the telephone, we do not do online bookings.

We have been calling for the last 3 weeks and keep being told that there was an issue with our account and the Cloud and that the order had to be cancelled and re booked and this would take 48 hours.

Every time we call we hold for at least 25 minutes and then explain the whole situation over again and we are told that it will be resolved and will take another 48 hours.

Please can anyone give me some advice as to who I can contact who can sort this mess out.  We have called every BT number that we can find and have still not received any joy.

I have just spoke to yet another person who has told me they have escalated the issue and it will be resolved within 48 hours - WHAT A SURPRISE,




Hi Helene,


Can you message me privately with


Your Full name

Contact mobile number 

Company name

Business Account number

Business Telephone number

Full Address including Postcode


I can then send out a PIN to gain access to the account via mobile text and assist you. Thank you, Adam


Hello Helen


Have you had this problem fixed? I am in the same position having migrated from XLN. 

My 20 year old business has been destroyed by BT inside a few weeks, resulting in redundancies.

We have a good case Under the Sales of Goods Act, but first you need to write a letter to BT Head Office stating what you want and by when. You also need to set out simply your consequential damages . If BT do not respond or agree to your claims, you have a first class case to take to ADR (mediation), which will not involve solicitor or Barristers


in the meantime, I am going to arrange an additional phone line which I will then start to use and promote to customers. This demonstrates that I have not simply failed to take steps to save my business. 

Citizens Advice have provided all the information and advice for free. It saves up you spending hundreds with a solicitor.