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Question about BT technology across different devices


As most Airpods users are probably aware, using headphones with different devices produces different levels of quality and experience. This becomes especially apparent when the AirPods are used for both voice and audio at the same time.

The biggest example I have experienced is trying to use Teams with Airpods on a Mac/iPhone vs. Windows. Apple products appear to be able to handle voice and audio at the same time without any noticeable drops in the quality of the audio. On Windows devices, the quality of the audio drops tremendously when AirPods are being used for calls.

Trying to research more about this, I constantly encounter general statements that it's not the system (Windows), it's Bluetooth technology. However, since Apple products can handle this task so well, I don't see how this is exclusively a Bluetooth issue.

Can someone explain the true cause of the different experiences? Technical details are very welcome here, so feel free to nerd out if you have insight into this area (ie, software, hardware, or other).