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ATA Adapter set up, where do i get BT Log in details?


Hi, I need some assistance to set up Grandstream HT812.


My  Restaurant EPOS system relies on caller ID to bring up customer details etc…


My current setup –


BT Fibre broadband +Halo and Voice Express cloud with Yealink W60B Base W56H phone.


BT Sales did not mention that I may have issues with my EPOS when they sold me the product.


After I transferred from Plusnet to BT I had numerous issues. I was without phone connection for 2 days as my main restaurant number did not port in time from plusnet. In those 2 days I couldn’t do call divert as BT didn’t have the number yet. When it did, I couldn’t use the supplied Yealink phone because that wasn’t setup to work out of the box as the instructions suggested, instead had to divert calls to a mobile before that issue was resolved.


My current headache is the restaurant EPOS system relies on caller ID and is not compatible with the BT Voice Cloud Express.


After numerous calls and being passed on from department to department, finally somebody from BT Sales suggested I needed an ATA adaptor which will convert the current digital line to analogue which should work with my existing phone / EPOS system. This was also recommended by my EPOS supplier.


OK so I now have an ATA adapter, It’s seems easy to install and there are helpful setup guides on YouTube. All I needed was some SIP credentials i.e. server details and log in user id and password etc.. from BT. But again BT cannot provide these details.


The info I need :


Primary SIP Server:

Outbound Proxy:            

SIP user id

Authenticate ID



Profile Id

Request URI Routing ID


Can anybody help with above info?






Hi slali75


I'm sorry to hear about the issues following the order for Halo + CVE. Are you still having issues? I have just spoken to the CVE team who have advised the best course of action would be to look to revert you back to a normal phone line if the EPOS system requires it.


If you're still having problems, please message me privately so I can get some details from you and get this looked into.





Hi, I have the same problems with BT cloud voice express, and i seeked help from the professinal person, they advised me to get a ada adator from BT, i was have the same situation, there are no one in the department know this, and after several calls, they told me ata adator is not suitable for cloud voice express, i am still waiting for bt to resolve my problems, can you share your experience if you have solved the problems please. 


Step 1 Connect the network cable to your network and to the NETWORK port on the ATA. Step 2 Connect the phone cable to the PHONE 1 port on the ATA and to your analog device (phone or fax machine). If connecting a fax machine, connect it directly to the ATA



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