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BT phone ports to ethernet conversion, need Advice


My pc setup is miles away from my router so I have a really bad internet connection however I have noticed these BT phone ports and to my surprise they run CAT5E and I want to convert them to ethernet.

In total I have 3 of these ports, one in the living room by my router and 2 in my bedroom.

However I do not know where should I attach the keystones as I don't know the layout of the cabling and I need a second pair of eyes on it

personally I believe it goes Living room > port 1 > port 2 however I'm quite new to doing networking

The issue is that port 1 has to cables and I dont know which one leads where and I think of maybe going down the trial and error route by installing keystones to both ports and see which one works but I do not know if this will cause complications.

more info: we dont use the phonelines as we do not have a house phone.