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BT Halo 1 Phone system - Directory Not found


I signed up for BT Halo1 business service last week. It was the biggest mistake I made!!!


I will not bore you here as to why I was not sure whether I should laugh or cry. 

But my current problem at present if anyone can help is that via cloud express last week I was able to import my phone directory from my mobile phone into my BT Yealink W56H handset sucessfully.

but the last couple of days each time I try to access the phonebook on the BT phone it says "Connect Error".


The phone is working fine and is making calls, so it has no problem connecting to the broadband hub

Any ideas.

If I do ever manage to connect to my Phonebook on the BT phone is there a way of moving that to the local directory so I don't experience this again in future?

Any help would be appreciated



Hi Eco-Development


Sorry to hear about the issues with the Directory - are you still having problems? I have just been in contact with a colleague from the Cloud Voice Express team who advised me that as long as the registeration process for the handsets has been done, you should be able to access the directory. 


If you're still having problems, they said the next step is to get in contact with them. If that's the case, can you privately message me so we can look into this more?