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Unknown URI Scheme on W60P Phone.


My ip phone (Yealink W60B) is supposed to be connected to the Smart Hub 2 but I am using the SH2 in bridge mode and have connected a third party router to it. When I connect to SH2, it doesn't get any connection so I thought maybe because its in bridge mode. So I tried connecting to  my third party Draytek router where it picked up the network but still wouldnt't pick up the line/ability to call. Whenever I try to ring it says "unknown uri scheme" and when I press the line button on the phone it, it shows empty menu. Any ideas on what's going on here and how can I resolve this?



Hi mkashif88


We don't support 3rd party routers. You can follow the instructions on the user guide for the handset to get the cordless handset working but if the issue is with the 3rd party router we can't assist. You can run a network assessment test and this will advise what the issues are.


It needs to be run from a computer connected to the same network as the cloud telephones

When running this test it sometimes gets stuck at 3-5% if this happens refresh the page and start again.


After the test is run you will get a code on the screen and a pass or fail result. If you have failed click “more details” and this will tell you what needs to be updated on your firewall/router.


Please let me know how you get on 🙂