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Being bullied by BT


Just wondering if anyone has had any experience of being bullied by BT complaints team, we've been battleing with BT for the best part of two years  wherby they miss sold and couldnt deleiver on their promises and expect us to pay for their mistakes?


I've included details below but despite being told by the sales manager and the previous complaints handler that we would not be expected to pay for the systems until we had a working solution (both have since left BT) the new complaints handler has been extremely aggressive and feels like they've back tracked on their agreement and are railroading us into paying them even though their systems dont work.


Facts of the Complaint

  1. August 2019 - We were sold BT Voice on the proviso that it would integrate with our CRM system which it does not.
  2. 3rd June 2020 – BT sent proposal for BT Phone to replace the BT Voice solution after speaking with a Ring Central Specialist said that BT Phone solution is capable of integrating with our API Compliant CRM System and capable of presenting an 0845 on outgoing call. (See BT Cloud Phone Proposal 03.06.20 Email Attachment)
  3. 23rd June 2020 – BT issued a Cloud Phone Proposal 23.06.20 states that ‘Raymond in BT complaints is looking to get the bills all sorted for you so we really need to start getting Cloud Phone implemented.’
  4. 23rd June 2020 – HG happy to proceed and replace BT Voice with the BT Phone proposal as long as the number sending and CRM Integration work
  5. 6th July 2020 – Booking Reminder received from BT Cloud Implementation administrator training yet no phone received so BT advised us to call technical team at Cloud Phone. HG did on the 9thJuly 2020 and spoke to Aldwin Francisco who is under the supervision of Dennis Cruz who categorically told us that we had been mis-sold and the 0845 301 7747 can not be sent when we dial out. Email sent to BT with our complaint. (See Booking Reminder 09.07.20 Email Attachment)
  6. 10th July 2020 - BT manager came back to HG to say they chased everyone internally and whilst he was away but to call Gary his manager to say he know of the situation.
  7. 7th August 2020 – Email sent by HG to BT Manager with regards to a Direct Debit Payment of £3161.10 taken on the 27.07.20 whilst complaint and dispute of products sold still ongoing. HG also asked in that email whilst BT are looking for the 0845 number sending ‘fix’ if we could have 01372  as a possible work around to at least use the system. BT Manager t responded to say he has passed the billing questions onto Raymond and we can order a number via the portal using any prefix you require which was not the case. 
  8. 10th August 2020 – Chaser sent by HG to BT Manager about acquiring 0207  as 01372  was not a number range we could use and timescales for when 0845 301 7747 resolution would be done. BT Manager stated that Non Geo number later to be referred to as Dual Phone was due to be implemented in Dec 2020. 
  9. 26th August 2020 – Email received from Mary Ann in the BT Implementation Training Follow Up where we gave her the rough outline of the issues and how it was not the best time to do the training until BT had resolved our issues. Following this, it prompted HG to email Raymond in complaints requesting an update about the direct debit amount taken having been advised by BT Manager no monies will be taken due to the non-performance of the system again. Raymond advised that he had been contact by BT Manager about the direct debit and Raymond told Matt to tell us whilst he was on leave to tell us to call our bank and get an indemnity claim to get money back. Raymond then ended with Matt was liaising with the product manager to find a solution. 
  10. 6th October 2020 – 7th October 2020 – DD indemnity given to Raymond  who then followed up with an update on the situation where we advised we didn’t want anything to happen until Dec 2020 when the Dual Phone had been rolled out (which never happened) which does what BT Voice and BT Phone promised which it does not. 
  11. 28th October 2020 – Email from Raymond Carroll to say that monies are due and if we were going to pay or not, we advised Raymond of our position on the same day. No response received from Raymond further emails then sent from HG to Raymond on current status of system use and training 26thJanuary 2021, 11th March 2021, then on the 23rdMarch 2021 Raymond responds to Ian requesting when confirmation when training was complete so he can look at the issue of compensation. 28th April Raymond acknowledges that he will pass issue for review as a matter of urgency. (See RE- BT Email Attachment)


We then hear from new comlaints handler very aggressive on 4th May 2021…..


The multitude of failings and miss-selling by BT organisation here is something I have never witnessed before and for them to expect us to pay for their failings is beyone beleif but this is what they're doing. 


They've given us a ultiamatum to pay up or go to the ombsdman. 


Has anyone any experience of this or can help in anyway?



Hi HG1


I'm really sorry for the poor experience you've had about both mis-sale and the handling of the complaint. Is this ongoing? If so, please privately message me so I can take some details and have a look into this for you.