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Cloud Voice handset: only rings once despite settings


Hello.  Apologies if this has been answered in another thread (I have read through the FAQs and searched key terms)


Currently, my Cloud Voice handset will, at best, ring only once before sending the caller to voicemail. 


Previously, the handset (and the CV Express app) would follow my settings of eight rings before diverting to voicemail (and the app would simultaneously ring through my smart phone). 


The app still sends 'missed call' notifications after this one ring, and compiles voicemails as before. 


I have since tried a number of combinations within the settings, hoping this was an error of my own making —and during this time the handset returned to ringing fully, but importantly, it reverted to a single ring despite no further tinkering with the settings. 


I am now at a loss how to proceed.


Below are a few notes:


Handset Settings: Do Not Disturb is off, Call Waiting is off, Auto Answer is off


Model: W53P package with a W53H handset 



Hi KevR


I'm sorry to hear about the issue with Cloud Voice Express.


If you could send me a private message with some account information by heading to my profile and hitting "Send Message", I can arrange for a member of the Cloud Voice Express team to look into this issue.






Hi Sam 


I sent you a message but I'm not sure it went through. Let know me know if I need to send it again 


Thanks again for the help