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Headset no longer working on BT VOIP phone since changing Router


My BT Router was recently upgraded to a BT Business Smart Hub.  From that point forwards (although I didn't make the connection until today) my Plantronics headset has no longer worked on the BT Polycom VVX 300 VOIP Phone.


As I thought the issue was with the headset I replaced this and the connecting cable but the problem still remained.  I then turned to good old Google and found out the headset may not be broken and that it may be an issue with the firmware or something else.  Can anyone advise?


Many Thanks


Super User

Hey MCrossland,


When using the BT Business Smart Hub, you'll need to make sure the SIP ALG setting is disabled. You can do this by going to the router settings page at, going to advanced settings down at the bottom right, selecting firewall on the following page and entering your admin password that's noted on the router. Then press the configuration navigation option and scroll down to the bottom to find this setting.


For general support with making sure your Cloud Phone service is working correctly, reach out to the technical team on telephone number 0845 834 0856, option 1, and they'll be able to assist you.


Thank you, Bobby