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Sip Credentials


Hi Have tried unsuccessfully to speak with some one about this. Have purchased a grandstream PBX UCM6202 I need the credentials/logins to get it to work of course.

Cloud phone support were totally unhelpful said they don't support this device????? not asking them to support it ! but they supply grandstream handsets, so whats the problem??

Have trawled the web looking for an answer without any luck. So yesterday I called BT to cancel my new contract which I have just renewed.... (big mistake) To be told that no we can support that, its not a problem  don't want to lose a longstanding customer (nice to feel of value) transferred the call, in a que for 10 minutes another 5 going through security cant help wrong department! spoke to 5 different departments 5 lots of security lost the will to live after over an hour trying to get an answer or to talk with someone who knew what i was talking about.........

So pleasssssssssssse can some one help with this before i go out and buy a 4 + 18 switchboard and a bunch of 702As !!!!!!! and but the grandstream on ebay.

For the young ones out there this was the defacto system for any small business back in the day!

Thanks for your time