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Issue with software PBX integration


Hi, bit of a long one , I previously had BT Business number that was diverted to a VOIP provider  which was then configured as a SIP trunk on the 3CX  software pbx system  - I was being charged extortionate amounts by both BT and the VOIP provider -AS my broadband was out of contract I spoke with BT and they said they could get me a much cheaper deal on the broadband and if I switched to digital services I could then just configure BT as a SIP trunk on my system instead of the third party provider - I would then no longer need to divert the number  and I could  cut out the middleman VOIP Provider - I explained to them what I needed and I was told this could be done , the service they sold me was Cloud Voice Express

System has gone live, broadband up and Cloud Voice all activated and still currently diverted to the VOIP provider -However I looked at the configuration for 3CX  so that I can add BT and  it needs username , password etc and the ip addresses for BT - So I connected via online chat to try and establish what I needed to put in , I was then told to call a number which obviously goes through to India and they just didn't seem to have a clue what I was talking about ,

Does anyone know if Cloud Voice express can be configured into 3CX as a SIP trunk  or have I been sold the wrong product and I actually do need a SIP trunk -Have left it as is today with someone at BT  classing it as a missale tomorrow , but I still don't think they know what I actually need instead of cloud Voice 

Any ideas /help would be appreciated 



If Microsoft would get their heads out of their asses and add SMS, we would have gone with Teams. We are already E5 customers, what's another $20k a month added to our bill? They also don't have a Contact Center product, that I'm aware of.

As it stands, we ended up on Zoom Phone, and it's very good. Concierge phone number porting is very convenient. They've saved us from some real headaches. The one annoyance is the disparate PS teams for Phone vs Contact Center, so if you're doing both at once, you have to deal with two different PS teams that barely talk to each other.


Hi AdrianSheehan


On the handset itself, press the button in the middle of the curser keys “ok” button 3 times, it will then go to the IP v4 address.


Default passwords for the handset are:

Username: user

Password: fBi5m7Uw


I hope this helps. You can call the Cloud Voice Express team on 0800 011 3237 for further information.