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Mis sold cloud phone - going back to 2020. Going round in circles how do I resolve?


In very brief summary.......


Received a cold call ifn late 2020  BT business from my "account manager' asking if they could help with anything. I explained I could do with a  better broadband coverage in my shop as current one didn't reach all of shop (standard small shop with phone line and broadband) I was thinking a booster, but was told a cloud phone system would help and be only £10 more with better wifi. (I still have this e mail. Said I didn't want a cloud phone but was told I needed one within next 12 months anyway as lines being switched off by then so may as well do it now while it was so cheap) ) Got 1st invoice  - over £150 per month more than what I was paying, not £10 more). Openreach guy came to install new lines and was really confused and what he'd been asked to do - and told me to cancel as it wasn't what I needed and I have been trying to cancel ever since. Have never ported numbers over on cloud service so never used it. BT business cold called a year later (positioned as a service call but actually a sales call) and actually added the product I needed on (better broadband) but DID NOT  REMOVE the cloud services, and even upgraded me to a Cloud upgrade, without my knowledge!! So then I was paying even more! Up until Dec 2023 was still paying bills but stopped end of year as no resolution despite three complaints raised and numerous promises of call backs being made. Every so often they credit my account here and there but no one will take responsibility for the overall account issue, and no one gets back to me. The Indian team are very helpful and they do escalate but then it goes nowhere. 

Closed my shop on 18/3 and am still being charged over £250 per month, plus late payment fees!

I need to escalate but where do I go? I will be taking it to comms ombudsman but understand i need to escalate to senior level at BT first?





The BT Business complaints process can be viewed here BT Business complaints | BT Business.

If you have any issues please return and message us privately and we can look to assist.


Thank you



I have had numerous complaints opened but nothing ever gets done with them. Promised a call back today between 9-10 waited in but no call. Just a complete joke. How do I escalate to someone who will actually help me?




Please send over a private message so we can escalate this for you.