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Mitel Office IP Phone DHCP Discovery Issue

I have to be able to work from home due to COVID.
I have been given a Mitel IP phone which connects to my laptop via one port in the back of the phone, the other port (power port) plugs into a POE port in the plug socket. My Ethernet cable then goes from the other port in the socket (LAN port) and into the back of my BT Business Smart Hub into an Ethernet port.
For some reason my IP office phone won’t connect to my router and is stuck on “DHCP: Discovery”.
I really need my IP phone to work so I can work from home, so if anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful.
(I was told I needed to move from residential to business so my phone works but it still won’t work)


Hi meg_


It sounds like the IP phone may need port forwarding to allow it to connect - there's a guide here on how to set it up on the BT Business Smart Hub. However without knowing more about what the devices requires, there's not much more that I could advise here - we would need to find out what it needs to be able to connect.





Our local phone company is installing a Mitel solution in a building that was recently constructed. Part of this task is to change our traditional phone system here in IT to VoIP. The problem is that phones (5320e) here in the IT building do not connect to the Mitel controller. They retrieve configuration information (VLAN ID, QoS Priority, Controller IP Address, etc.) from our DHCP server, but will not get pass 'DHCP Discovery' when booting.
I have all the necessary DHCP options configured on our Windows DHCP server.
The Mitel controller and all working phones are in VLAN 202 and subnet
The nonworking phones are in VLAN 201 and subnet
I put a computer in VLAN 201 and was able to access the controller on a multitude of ports. So getting to and from the controller shouldn't be a problem.
I placed a phone at IT in VLAN 202 and was still unable to get pass 'DHCP Discovery'
I statically configured network information on the phone. I could PING the controller, but it still stayed at 'DHCP Discovery'. NOTE: The phone was asking for configurations I haven't seen before, so I'm not 100% sure it is configured properly. If anyone has some insight or documentation on this process I would greatly appreciate it. MyTHDHR