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On 21 March 2022 I agreed a new (verbal) contract with a BT representative in the business retention team. For 'technical reasons' although the conversation was recorded and agreed, the contract was never invoked. Despite in excess of 20 calls to BT Business, and several formal online complaints, we remain on an out of contract service. It appears that the BT representative who offered and agreed the contract is also the complaint handler. Regrettably she appears unable, or unwilling to tackle a simple issue. i.e. establish the contract on the BT system and back date and credit excessive charges. If I try to escalate this issue to senior management, I am told that (a) an internal e-mail will be sent to the department manager, but I am not allowed to have their e-mail address (b) the BT representative responsible for offering the contract will sort the problem (c) someone will be in contact within 24 - 48 hours. 4 months later, I have not received any constructive input from the BT representative, and no contact at all from her manager. BT business gives the overwhelming impression of not caring about its customers,  and not valuing the time a customer spends chasing a response. BT business appears to have closed down their complaints department leaving the customer in a circular algorithm from which there is no escape! The impression that this is a dysfunctional and inefficient organisation is compelling but hopefully not the case. So -  how do you find someone in BT who will take responsibility for sorting this issue?



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I'm really sorry about the chasing you've had to do with this. So I can look into this for you, can you please send me over a private message with some details? Thanks