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Help with Faxes needed.


Good Afternoon 


I know, I know. Yes stone age fax machines do still exist. 


We have been trying to sort out our fax recently as we have stopped receiving them and can not figure out why. So we thought since we had BT Cloud Voice we would set up our electronic faxes. 


When we had Cloud Voice installed we were told we could send faxes electronically (but they still come out of the customers fax the other end) and when our customer faxes from their machine their end it would come through to our email, which is ideal. 


Now, the problem I have is hunting down someone at BT that can firstly understand my predicament and secondly help me set it up, to date I have been un able to find this seemingly none existent person. I have tried ringing BT business and cloud team but end up on hold for ages (and I mean a long time) and when I do get through I get passed through so many departments that even an up to date A-Z would be of no help to me in finding my way back. When I do eventually get through to someone they do try their best to help but I get the feeling they do not entirely understand what I am after as we are still none the wiser. 


Does anyone know how to set up an electronic fax? I have discovers that I can potentially send via email by putting in customers phones number then

But I have no idea how my customer is supposed to send the fax to me in the first place, the customers we have left using fax are not exactly computer literate and despise electronics. 

So my questions are:

1, can this be set up or is this a myth?

2, how do I set it up if it is true and it is possible?  Do I have to link the fax line to the phone line somehow? How would the incoming faxes know to go to the email and not to the machine? (it's receiving we are having problems with, in case I haven't already mentioned that) 


Guru might be a solution.  £80 a year and that covers sending thirty a month and receiving thirty a month.  They offer a free trial.  They forward faxes to any email address so you could view from a PC, on a smartphone or tablet.


Hi chrissie20071


You need to connect your fax machine to a Cisco SPA 112 adaptor. If you don't have one or you've done this and are still having issues, please can you send me a Private Message with some account details so I can look into this further.



I think the Cisco SPA 112 adaptor is no longer sold, because I think it has been replaced by the Cisco ATA 191 and ATA 192.  Can anyone concur with this and if it is also suitable for using on non digital devices such as an analogue phone?


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