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Is BT a dying company?


I work for a mid sized government organization that has the WAN, LAN and IPT under a fully managed service with BT. After dealing with BT now for a few years in the contract I question how they still exist as a company. Are BT a dying company who just rely on long contracts that non technical CIO's sign and the monopoly of ducts and last mile cabling?

In previous roles working in a service provider and another managed service I think MSP's that come from the service provider space are not in the right space to manage enterprise networking. I don't really see how they innovate vs smaller MSP's that dont come from MPLS service provider market. Policies seem to be based around a service provider model where changes to core product are not very frequent (Applying this to the enterprise doesnt appear to be flexible enough).

There appears to be huge amounts of non-technical staff at BT rather than decent technical engineers. I find that one technical guy is overrun with fixing everything on our contract.

What do BT need to do to stay relevant and become sucessful? If BT lose openreach are they going to die?