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Software Bugs


In dealing with BT Commercial today I have encountered and can document security concerns due to software errors.  As a software professional I would offer to help but would require an order number and fees.  I have just wasted about an hour on the phone trying to connect to my account and due to these bugs, time was wasted.  An operator even said I was being put on hold with very awful muzac phasing in and out because 'her system is slow'.  I can not recover that hour for my commercial business so perhaps BT are interested in fixing their errors?

BT are most welcome to approach me for a summary of what I encountered but if they do not, perhaps I should publish it here?  What responsibility does a client with expertise have to document software security issues that would affect other businesses?  What responsibility does a provider have to provide security measures that protect their clients.  Confusing and overwrought authentication produces security risk.  2FA is the only security and simple method using Google Authenticator for example.  



Hi Nalex,


I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've had trying to access your account.


I'd like to hear more about the security issues you've spotted. If you head over to my profile and hit "Send a Message", we can continue our conversation there.