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Help shape the re-design of BT Business Help

Work is underway to improve our BT Business Help site.   Our survey is now closed, but we'd really appreciate your feedback through this Community.   Have a look round and give us your thoughts and views - have you ever had to use our help area? Did ...

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Jen1 by Administrator
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Any way to get faster internet speeds?

The speed is quite lacking. especially for the price.Moreover would you be able to buy business wifi without said business.This would be alot better as I am looking to host a server on my network and need those extra speeds.

dernu by Member
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discs slower than before?

got some discs installed recently and was told by an engineer that our old repeaters are obsolete. Since the new ones, my download speeds have been way faster, but I seem to lag more in games. I'd rather have the slow download speeds than the lag. Do...

davyt by Member
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Do you still have a home phone line?

My current supplier wants to charge me £20 per month for my home phone line. Everyone in my household has a mobile phone and it's only really there for incoming calls from the doctor, for my mum. I feel like changing her contact details on the NHS sy...

kinmo by Member
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Free Upgrade Letter

I am on broadband. I accidentally threw out/misplaced/lost an unopened letter. I think it was advertising a free fiber upgrade.Is that a true free upgrade or was it-- "we'll switch you to fibre for free, but you'll be paying more (fibre prices)"?

cadde by Member
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Can't change password, can't join Community - what's wrong

My Aunt has an '' address which BT has put a block on (" We have strong reason to believe your BT ID and password details are no longer secure"). She follows the steps to change password, gets a 4-digit code sent to her phone, creates ...

wadde by Member
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Hi I was wondering where I could get support for a job application 

Migrating to virgin media. Can we keep our old BT email??

Hi allWe’re moving from BT to Virgin soon and I just want to be sure if we can keep our old email @btinternetWe’ve had the account for several years and there’s a lot of important stuff on there. Is there any method of keeping this or do we need a se...

sawin by Member
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Creating a media server with BT Business Hub 2

Hi - I used to use an Asus CT8 Mesh but "upgraded" to a BT Hub 2 and a disc. The Asus had built-in properties to create a media server for the local network on a USB hard drive connected to it. Has anyone been able to do this with the Hub 2's USB soc...

ianh by Member
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I use to work for Bt and had a email. However its is now locked and I am not sure of the password. Every time I put the incorrect password in I have wait a period of time to try again. Can anyone help please