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2700 Firmware preventing NAS website functions?


I have a NAS device holding a public website, accessed via the 2700 router. This has been quite happy for many months.


However apparently since the firmware upgrade to, the website can no longer display images or access sub-folders, at least to its pubic face. It's OK internally across the LAN.


Is there anything that can be done or has the firmware permanently suppressed the functionality?


I have reported it via support but no replies have been forthcoming from BT over the last 4 weeks.


As usual (if asked) I would have left the firmware as it was. So now to maintain the website do I have to relocate it off-site, and will BT pay me for the redundant NAS or a new hub I wonder?





Further testing shows that the website is Ok when viewed externally, or when the internal LAN address is used, but browsers cannot connect when the public IP address is used internally. If the DNS name is used, the site can be accessed but wil not display images.  That partial functionality is even then only when viewed in IE9.  If using IE8, Firefox or Android playforms, it won't connect at all.


BT Support acknowledge the new firmware is the cause. They say "At this stage we have no fix for the problem. The only way around this issue is to use a non BT router."


Oh well.



Oh, thank goodness. I was pulling what is left of my hair out about this problem. At least I now know it was the BT router update causing the problem. Funny that when I phoned support yesterday, they knew nothing of this update or fault. They told me it was a problem with my internal network. I feel BT should have checked if customers were using fixed IP addresses then they should NOT apply that update to those customers until the problem is fixed.

I guess we will both be waiting for BT to get their act together.




Just to add - BT suggested adding an explicit DNS Resolution setting might be a work-around. For me at least that did not help.

So I will wait a few weeks to see if the Firmware is replaced. Failing that it will be move to Netgear methinks.